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Covid-19 Guidelines

Due to Covid-19 restrictions & policies, we have updated our Standard Operating Procedures to adhere to the Malaysian Government & social distancing guidelines.


As important as your safety is to us, we will not be overlooking the safety of our staffing family, as it is through them that we provide the best outcome for all.

What are the preventitive measures that Jari Jari Spa has in place?

  • All treatments are limited to 1-hour durations per guest at any given time.

  • Mandatory health screening for all Jari Jari employees.

  • Social distancing floor plan & layout.

  • Minimum 1.5 meters distance allocated between each guest.

  • Body temperature screening upon entering Jari Jari Spa premises.

  • Daily registration of all guests that enter Jari Jari Spa.

  • Provision of hand sanitisers at the front desk, treatment room & washroom.

  • Stringent cleaning & disinfection after every treatment procedure.

  • Treatment reservations are mandatory and by appointment only.

What operating limitations are in place?

  • A maximum of 3 guests are allowed into Jari Jari Spa at any given time.

  • Guests will be treated in an individual treatment room.

  • Entry & exit doorways will be identified to guests.

  • Guests are encouraged to wear face masks at all times upon entering & leaving Jari Jari Spa.

  • Face masks may be removed before treatment begins.

What differences are there to online booking?

  • Online booking can still be made using the Fresha app via the links on our website or by clicking here.

  • We are only accepting 1-hour booking durations during this time.

  • All bookings can only be made 4 hours prior to treatment time.

  • We are only offering a limited amount of treatments: Dusun Inan / Foot Therapy / Facial Treatment.

Exiting the premise after treatment

  • Upon treatment completion, we will appreciate if our guests will leave the Jari Jari Spa premises as soon as possible. This is so that we can prepare the appropriate measures to clean & disinfect before the next guest arrives.

Shower before your treatment begins

  • For full body massage treatments, we encourage our guests to use our shower facilities before treatment begins. Jari Jari Spa will provide you with the appropriate amenities & towels at your disposal.

  • For foot therapy treatments, our therapists will proceed with our new foot sanitisation procedures.

Guest's health responsibility

  • It is your responsibility to our community that you do not enter our premises if you have symptons such as a fever, cough, breathing difficulty or a sore throat prior to your appointment time.

  • If you present any of these symptons before your designated appointment, please call us to cancel or reschedule.

  • In any case, guests are required to inform any relevant government agencies if there is presenting with any Covid-19 symptoms/fever during or after the treastment in Jari Jari Spa.

Social distancing

  • Please respect the markers we have placed inside Jari Jari Spa. This is the best way we can help you stay safe from any potential spread of Covid-19.

No waiting

  • We regret that our waiting lounge will be temporarily closed during this point in time due to controlled movements inside the Jari Jari Spa premises.

No walk-in treatments

  • We regret that we will not be able to accept any walk-in guests.

  • All treatments must be made via booking, either online or via phonecall.

Beverages, towels & covers

  • We regret that we are unable to serve you any welcome drinks. Please bring your own beverage if you like.

  • If you prefer to bring your own towel, sarong or boxer shorts, you may do so.

Cancellation policy

  • Please refer to our cancellation policy as stated on our online booking page.

Payment service management

  • There will be cashless payment facilities available to you, as this is to encourage both our guests and staff to avoid any further physical contact than necessary.

Alternate communication methods

  • Please use WhatsApp or call us should there be a need for information.

  • All employees & customers must download and register with the MYSEJAHTERA App on their smartphones for close contact tracing purposes.

MySejahtera contact tracing App

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