With much excitement, we are happy to announce that Jari Jari Spa (Suria Sabah outlet) will begin operations starting 1st October 2021, in compliance with Malaysian Government regulations.

Bookings can be made by following the links provided, or visiting https://book.jarijari.com

We look forward to treating you again soon!
- The Management of Jari Jari Spa

Borneo's Best Massage Therapies

Combining traditional massage therapies with modern spa management, Jari Jari Spa is a multiple award-winning spa specializing in Sabah Borneo remedies.

Located in 5 unique day spa centers around Malaysia, Jari Jari Spa is the only spa in Malaysia to promote the treatment of the Dusun Lotud, a tribal derived Borneo group whose home is to the northern regions of Sabah. As guardians of this ancient tradition, our therapists at Jari Jari Spa ensure that their massages come not just from their hands, but always from their heart.


Tanjung Aru Plaza

+6 (088) 272 606


Suria Sabah

+6 (088) 487 259

Borneo Rainforest Lodge

+6 (088) 267 637