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Glossary of Terms

Jari Jari

In our native language means ‘fingers’ or known as ‘caring hands’

Jari Jari Layo Tea

Your treatment at Jari Jari begins with a welcome drink – our Signature Ginger Tea (Layo Tea) to serve you.

Layo Tea

Ginger tea is soothing to the stomach and invigorating to the mind. Originally from Tambunan valley, ginger has taken root all over the world as both a zingy spice and a healing medicine. For centuries, people have taken ginger root to stop feeling nauseated, whether from a stomach bug or motion sickness.

Floral Foot Soak

Your treatment procedure begins with a floral foot soak at the beginning, bringing you to a complete full body therapy towards the end. Rustic wooden foot bowl, flower petals, pebbles of Kinabalu underneath. This is to relax the guest while enjoying the warm foot bath.

Karayam Foot Scrub Coffee Borneo – 10 mins

Signature Coffee Borneo Scrub to exfoliate tired skin leaving it soft, smooth and relax.

Karayam Foot Therapy

Our best foot massage relaxes your feet. Massage bottom of foot incorporating soothing pressure point movement. Massage top of foot and ankles and lower leg with movements that flow upwards to encourage circulation. It is included in some of Jari Jari Spa Treatment and Body Treatment.

Dusunic Body Stretching

Enjoy our best body stretching from shoulder down to buttock and then up to shoulder, then cross stretching on middle spine and cross on the buttock and shoulder. The purpose is to loosen, strengthen and to relax the back muscles.

A preliminary steps before body massage procedure begins.

Dusun Borneo (Sabah) Herbal Bath

A special blend of relaxing and soothing tropical herbal bath. The traditional benefits of herbal bath is to ease muscular aches and pains, assist to achieve relaxation.

Batu (Sabah) Hot Stone Therapy

The warmth and weight of the stones relax muscle tissue without overheating, putting you in a deep state of relaxation. The warm stones are integrated into the massage as well as placed on key tension areas of the body. The combination of the heat with the pressure of the strokes allows the muscles to war and let go. This treatment is great for areas of chronic muscle tension.l clients must be 18 years and above.

We also offer limited services for Kids aged 8-12 and a parent or guardian must accompany them throughout their appointment.

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