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History of Borneo

Borneo consists a plethora of tribal cultures.

The history of the indigenous peoples of Borneo remains unknown to the outside world. Massage is an integral part of the Borneo culture: massages are done during pregnancy, after pregnancy, early in the morning before going to the fields and in the evening after a hard day of work and hunting. Borneons massage the young and elderly to promote health and to help imbue a sense of well-being that promotes prosperity, longevity and a healthy life.

Jari Jari Spa is the only spa in Sabah to promote the treatment of the Dusun Lotud, of which is a derivative of a tribal Borneo group whose home is to the northern regions of Sabah. Respecting our heritage and environment, we utilize local ingredients, using herbs such as cinnamon and moccoca grown in the verdant interior, to fragrant screw pine, lemon grass and the medicinally eccentric turmeric!

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