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Our Mission

A complete traditional treatment for modern guest

While the popularity of spa treatments grows around the world, the indigenous Borneo approach to health and well-being remains virtually unknown.

Jari Jari Spa is Sabah’s go-to location for quality spa indulgence, with our therapists being carefully selected and groomed, using skilled hands and aromatics indigenous to Borneo blended in sensuous oils that seep gently into the skin. The effect is completed with an atmosphere of soft warm lights and serene music. There is the sense of peace that comes from the bodies and minds of being gently de-stressed with a selection of thoughtfully prepared local blends of oils and aromatics.

The founders of Jari Jari Spa are descendants from the most illustrious Borneon natives of the early 20th century. They are proud of their heritage & traditions, and their main mission is to ensure that the age-old skills of massage therapy are preserved and promoted for good health and a sense of well-being. Indigenous Borneo therapists are also given the opportunity to share their knowledge and skills in an environment that incorporates the best elements of Asia’s luxurious spas.
Our therapists have been trained in the finer points of grooming and dealing with an international clientele, whilst retaining their genuine warmth and sincerity from the heart. As guardians of this ancient tradition, our Jari Jari Spa therapists ensure the massages come not just from their hands, but also from their heart.

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