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Discover Our Heritage

We pride ourselves in our heritage.

The Jari Jari Spa experience begins the moment you step foot into our spa. Once you enter our doors, you find yourself immediately surrounded by a historic 50-million-year old stone slab filled with the core of Borneo’s indigenous tribal roots. Alongside the stone stature, we transport you to paradise through sounds of mother-nature trickling softly in the background whilst you feel the gentle warmth of burning candles on your skin and the fragrance of local flowers, herbs and spices filsling your senses.

Test your knowledge of language with our multi-lingual receptionists, whom are known for their vast understanding of cultural preferences– this comes handy for when they carefully explain our spa services and products to you.
Once you have selected your preferred massage treatment and before we transport you to a state of relaxation, we always make sure we ask a series of questions about your health. We take precaution with any pre-existing medical conditions to ensure that you only have a good experience at our spa. We also ask you how you prefer your massage – some people enjoy a sooth and relaxing touch, whilst others may enjoy a stronger deep tissue rub. So it’s important to us to know exactly what you prefer to guarantee relaxation, fulfillment and tranquility.
But the therapy session doesn’t just start there. Before you enter a suite, we invite you to relax in our contoured hand carved wooden chairs while enjoying a floral foot-bath in a rustic wooden foot tub lined with smooth pebbles. After a gentle foot scrub, you are ushered to your treatment room and left to change into a batik sarong before experiencing your preferred massage therapy. Throughout the treatment, our highly trained Dusun therapists whom are accustomed to estimate your sensitivity mixed with their ability to anticipate your needs ensure a matchless experience for all our guests.

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